Saturday, December 03, 2011


Recently, I requested information from a Cmaa official who handles that dept.and explained that even tho'I connected to the proper websites Yahoo would NOT give me access to that information so could they please do so.

In response the individual gave me the website to view. I am NOT an idiot !!

Master Electrician
My own company for 12 years,
Patents in three countries,
Aeronautical engineers ridiculed my theory of lift, I proved that I was right. Their response was "My God, you are right!!!
Unfortunately some engineer from NASA preceded me by a few months.
And I needed to be eplained as to which web sites I should go to.
Is this sexist?

Old and still fiesty, Garry

Thursday, March 04, 2010


Hi there,

I'm still around but at a much slower tempo.Still skating, three times a week but find it a bit much. Last time out I did a really short session, heart labours.

Summer sports are still on my agenda but feel that will be cut back as well.
Part of that problem is too long a drive to meets. Wondering if the car can hold out also.

Just wanted to keep you informed.


Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi all,

Health now fine tho'not like before, but what do you want at 88.

Oh yes, Hall of Famer --- Three times inducted now, in fourteen months.
Clarington-Durham area, Throwers Club and last but not least Ontario Masters Athletics.
Never aspired to these heights, found sports a good way to get rid of excess energy,
compete, meet people with similar interests.

Thrower's Club Pres., Bill Pearson is now badgering me about when I turn 90 !!!I wish.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


I'm still around and raunchy. Damn the doctors !!!!
I have now quit both Plavix and Lipitor and feel human again. Doctor prescribed a weaker med than Lipitor, took it this past week but will stop for I feel out of sorts again !!!

For two years I complained to my doctor about my throat. at first he just nodded, later that it may be an allergy, just dismissed it thereafter. FINALLY he actually looked in my throat,the first time in two years!!! His conclusion "It is just fine, no lumps etc, inside or out. A few days later I knew it was bad, no use going back to him, cannot go to another doctor's office, BUT one can go to Urgent Care.
Doctor there took one look and said that I had swollen glands, an infection. After three weeks of antibiotics most symptoms are gone with one barely lingering. Was my doctor blind or stupid? This is not the first time he did not spot my problems even when I complained repeatedly. Like I said previously, I look too healthy and way to active to be sick !!! Athlete beware !!!

Symptoms:- no taste, no appetite, cracking voice, coughing up large lumps of phlem, crumbs etc.causing coughing, sneezing etc. and watery eyes.

Happy holidays, rest up for next year-----I won't be, skating will fill in for me.

Will be 88years of age in December !!! I hope

Oh yes, I was inducted in the Throwers Club Hall of Fame in September which makes it two,the other was in the Clarington H of F.


Monday, May 25, 2009


Healthwise it's been marginal, feeling below par, from high to low !!!
Two weeks ago had surgery for prostate blockageing, feel lousy, Doc said it will take four to six weeks recovery time, so skating and throwing sports will have to wait.
Around April 25th I became a Great Great Grandfather and feel like it.
Will now hibernate for sometime !!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


To the uninformed, I have a history of doctor's inefficiency, please read my earlier posts.


After the stent implant about Oct. 2 2007, I progressed for awhile, then ailments from eyesight to BMs.About 3-4 months ago I came to the conclusion that my blood was too thin. Frequent spontaneous hematoma. A few months ago I decided, enough, and suggested to the doctor I was being overdosed. His response :- A former patient went off them and died within a month !!!!
Pains developed throughout my body, couldn't lean back in a chair without muscles screaming
etc. etc.

Two weeks ago I awoke with my right arm aching, my hand numb, one look showed a puffed hand and a bruise from inside wrist to just below elbow, emerg took a blood test and declared that my blood was too thin, I knew that months previously !!!! Had an appt. with family doctor a few days later, he checked my body as well and found a number of bruises, now add this to painful muscles an intermittent groin pain, weakend eyesight, ad infinitum. Blood test showed thin blood, again, no recommendations.. The following day the bruise was beyond my elbow and up to my index finger, tendons an muscles screaming.

Emerg. again. blood test, showed blood too thin, what else is new? They advised skipping the thinners for a week. Improvement within a few days, within a week my symptons were gone, with only a trace left. I have decided to skip the thinners for another ten days when I will be seeing my doctor again. I want a blood test to see if perhaps it is normal for my blood to be thin, if then, a reduced dose of thinners or none at all. Perhaps at my age of eighty seven my blood is thin.
Merry Christmas !!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Today I received a comment on my post !!!! Think it is the first person who read my blog AND offered a comment. You made my day, week, month and year !~!!! and inspired me to write about my induction into the Clarington Sports Hall of Fame !!!! Once again I ask "Who ME"?

I never aspired to these heights, as I may have said previously, I did the throwing events because I enjoyed it and to release my excessive energy, to help me sleep better, later to enjoy the comradeship and competition. It is some time since I've had a worthy competitor, which has taken the joy out of winning, it is hard to beat one's own best efforts.I am most proud of the Bronze medal from Italy in the Javelin event as I expected nothing !
We were piped in, then dinner speeches and awards presented. Paul Henderson was our guest speaker and I had to follow him!!!!

At my table sat a former Lady Canadian Figure Skater Champion, a friend. Family and friends were there as well, what an evening. More than once I said "Who me?" More so, since I will be 87 years of age next month !

I had mentioned my heart attack previously but went right back to competeing this year, four gold and a silver at our annual awards luncheon on Oct.24. At our last meet in Sept. I mentioned to our club's president, Bill Pearson that I did not do so well this year, at the awards dinner as he was presenting me with my third gold medal he commented that I had said I had a bad year. Another gold and a silver medal followed.

Many warnings not to overdo it had no effect on me, my daughter too finally gave up. I'll be the death of me yet !!!

Oh yes !!! I am still found wanting in the Javelin event.

Riccione Garry.